Best Car Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Car in Tip-top Condition

Best Car Maintenance Tips in San Diego

You rely on your car to drive to work, pick up your kids from school, and safely navigate the winding roads up to Big Bear for your annual fall getaway. With so much time spent behind the wheel going about your daily routine, it’s easy to take your trusty car for granted. If it’s running smoothly, what’s the point of bringing it into the shop – right? Well, not exactly. The key to keeping your vehicle in tip-top condition is performing general car maintenance so you can avoid major repairs down the road.

Here are the best car maintenance tips to ensure a smooth, safe, enjoyable ride this holiday season and beyond:

Maintain your tires

Your tires provide a buffer between you and the road, so keeping them in good shape is a critical aspect of general car maintenance. Use a pressure gauge to test for proper inflation at least once a month, and be sure to have your tires rotated every 15,000 miles. Get your alignment checked to ensure your tires are wearing evenly; this will extend the life of your tires.

Get regular oil changes

Check your car oil every month to look for buildup, and bring your car in for an oil change every 3,000 miles. If you don’t drive frequently, you can go a bit longer. To be on the safe side, never go more than 5,000 miles between oil changes. At General Auto Repair, we’ll check and top off all fluids, inspect your air filter, and check your tire pressure during your oil change.

Replace your wiper blades

It doesn’t drizzle often in San Diego, but winter can be really wet in other parts of the country. If you know you’ll be traveling over the holidays, don’t let old windshield wiper blades distort your view of the road. Snapping in a new set of wiper blades (always replace both at once) is a quick, easy, and affordable fix that could prevent an accident.

Test your lights

Not only is driving with a broken tail light dangerous, but it can also get you pulled over. Take a moment to test your headlights, brake lights, tail lights, and turn signals while your car is parked. If a bulb is out, bring your car in to have your electrical system inspected. One of our technicians will determine if it’s just a burnt out bulb or if the fuse needs to be replaced. 

Get regular tune-ups

Regular car tune-ups will keep your car running smoothly for longer. Though mileage intervals and maintenance vary between manufacturers, there are some major milestones you can anticipate. Generally speaking, you should have your fuel filter replaced and your cooling system flushed every 30,000 miles; your fluids replaced every 50,000 miles; and your belts, valves, and hoses replaced every 60,000 miles.

When’s the last time you came in for general car maintenance?

The change in seasons is a great time to bring your vehicle in for general car maintenance, especially if you’ll be traveling over the holidays. Whether you’re due for an oil change, need to replace your wiper blades, or its time to rotate your tires, our ASE-certified technicians will make any necessary repairs so your car remains safe and reliable for years to come. 

If it’s been a while since you’ve had any work done on your car and aren’t really sure what you need, that’s okay, too. At General Auto Repair, our 24-point inspection includes a detailed look at everything from your tires, to your brake pads, to your wiper blades. Give us a call at (619) 237-1043 to schedule your appointment before the holidays.